How to maintain your Gi

Controversial statement time: If you've worn your gi to train, you should wash it. The two common gi materials, cotton and polyester, are bad news for different reasons. »

Why Kata?

If you walk into any traditional martial arts school, you'll see people doing kata. Kata are choreographed sequences comprised of methodical footwork, powerful blocks, and precise strikes. All techniques are »

Training Self-Defense with Point Sparring

It's often said that point sparring doesn't teach you how to fight. If you spend all your time training to pull punches and throw light strikes to "tag" your opponent, you'll be worse for wear in a self-defense scenario. »

心 Kokoro

It was midway through the spring of 2001 that I worked up the nerve to ask my mom if I could learn Karate. »


Hello! I'm Winfield Trail, an improbably-named martial artist living near the white mountains of New Hampshire. I study Karate, Kobudo, Arnis Lanada, Jukado, and occasionally Jiu-Jitsu at the National Institute »

By Winfield Trail