Hello! I'm Winfield Trail, an improbably-named martial artist living near the white mountains of New Hampshire. I study Karate, Kobudo, Arnis Lanada, Jukado, and occasionally Jiu-Jitsu at the National Institute of Modern Martial arts in Claremont. At the time of this writing, I have studied at NIMMA for four years and I hold the rank of shodan.

My preferred areas of discipline are empty-hand and weapons kata, as well as sparring. I enjoy groundwork, but I have difficulty finding partners my height.

Most of what I write here will be related to my experiences at the dojo, or my interpretations of martial arts history. As an amateur collector of history, I can't guarantee this will be interesting to anyone but me!

In addition to martial arts I write intermittently, study the Japanese language, play guitar, and cultivate a small collection of antique fountain pens. I also have an interest in calligraphy, but have learned the hard way that those skills are beyond me.